Thursday, 20 March 2014

the loss of my religion- the end of this blog

The loss  of faith, the withering away of religion is a fascinating experience when it occurs not as  a crisis or existential event but rather, as I  percieve it, more normally, as a slowly increasing withering away due to a mutitude of factors.
 This has occurred for me with rugby, espcially super rugby and so I am winding up this blog.
 There are to be no more posts- but i will probably write an article- as is the way with such things.
 Thanks to all who read it; it has been a very interesting exercise and when I began I didn't think it would end with such a statment or experience of rugby agnosticism.
 As to how and why I stopped being a fan,  it is obvious over the course of this blog that  I gained an increasing disenchantment the more I thought seriously about what I saw and what I experienced.

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